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Portable Electric Juicer MIni Juice Blender 6 Blades Smoothie Orange Lemon USB Charging Fruit Mixer Fresh Juicer Machine

Portable Electric Juicer MIni Juice Blender 6 Blades Smoothie Orange Lemon USB Charging Fruit Mixer Fresh Juicer Machine

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About this item

【Portable Home Outdoor Blender】Our juicer mixer blender is made of food grade plastic, ideal for making milk shakes, juices, baby food, etc. The mini blender with silicone lifting ring makes it easy to carry as a water bottle that can hold 12oz of juice, weighs only 1lb, the mouth of the juicer is similar to the mouth of the drink bottle, which can resist the oxidation to the greatest extent and ensure the delicious taste of the juice.
【Quick extraction in 40 seconds】The personal blender has a powerful 5V electric motor. Built-in 1200mAh rechargeable battery that can make 7-12 cups per charge after recharging via any USB port for 1-3 hours. Your favorite smoothies and shakes will be ready in 40 seconds so you can quickly prepare different juice according to your family's preferences. Suitable for home, office, travel, picnic. Allows you to enjoy delicious drinks at any time.
【Smart Safety Protection Design】This portable juicer cup adopts upgraded smart power-off protection, if the host does not rotate in place with the juice cup, even press the switch, the juice blender does not work, just fix the host and the juice cup in place, then double click the switch to start. (When rotating the bottom cover to remove the main body, the juicer flashes red light, and the main body and juice cup are rotated in place, the LED light flashes green.)
【Mini size can be done at any time】The small portable juicer meets the needs of going out and is easy to do, without the need to take it out after making juice at home. You can carry it in your hand or put it in a bag. When your time is urgent, or when you are traveling, you can put fruit or smoothie into the blender first, and then finish the juice production on the way, no need to wait for the production to be completed before going out.
【Large capacity and easy to clean】 This blender has a large capacity of 420ml. The lid, mixing bottle and base can be separated so you can easily and quickly load fruit slices or milk cubes. After use, you can add water and run the blender until it is clean. Since the main body of the juicer is built into the base, you can also simply fill with water and use it as a water button when you go out.

Instructions for use

1. The product can be started by double-clicking quickly. It cannot be started while charging and will automatically stop after 30 seconds of use every time it is started.

2. First use Stop, charge for 3 hours first, the juice cup cannot be used during the charging process. Power bank, mobile phone plug, computer USB charging at will.

3. Cut the pulp into small pieces as much as possible before extracting the juice. Be sure to add water or milk when making juice.

4. Turn the machine upside down during use, shake the blade up and down at 45 degrees or 180 degrees after starting, and adjust the stirring speed according to the viscosity of the food.

5. When cleaning, do not put the base in water for cleaning, in case water enters the base and damages the electronic components.

6. Please read the instruction manual carefully before using this product.

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