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L800 PRO 2 Professional Drone 4K HD Camera GPS 5G WIFI 3-Axis Gimbal Anti-Shake Brushless Motor Obstacle Avoidance VS L900

L800 PRO 2 Professional Drone 4K HD Camera GPS 5G WIFI 3-Axis Gimbal Anti-Shake Brushless Motor Obstacle Avoidance VS L900

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Brand Name: KFPLAN

GPS: Yes

Maximum video resolution [Pixel X Pixel]: 2.7K (2720 * 1530)

Camera Features: 4K HD Video Recording

Camera Features: 2.7K HD Video Recording

Sensor size: None

Category: Drone Camera

Flight time: 25min

Aircraf operating frequency: 2.4 GHz

Aircraf operating frequency: 5 GHz

Origin: Mainland China

Camera Integration: Camera included

Remote distance: 1200m

Camera mount type: 3-axis gimbal

Aerial photography: Yes

Control channels: 4 channels

Certification: CE

Camera: 120 wide angle camera

5G Wifi image transmission distance: 1200m (interference free and no occlusion)

GPS/GLONASS dual mode: YES

Motor: Brushless motor

Weight: about 340g

SKU: L800 Pro 2 (Support SD card) Color: Black/Orange Frequency: 2.4G Drone battery: 7.6V 3000mAh Control distance: 1200m (outdoors without barriers, depending on the environment and mobile device) Transmission distance Wifi image range: 1200m (outdoors without obstructions, depending on the situation and mobile device) Flight time: about 23-26 minutes Charging time: about 6 hours USB charging: 5V Unfolded product size: 410X360X100MM, folded: 170X87X100MM Product weight: 340 grams Remote control battery: 3.7V 300mAh Remote control charging time: about 30 minutes Remote control working time: about 2 hours Camera: 4K camera with 3-axis electronically stabilized gimbal Photo resolution: 7680 4320 Video resolution: 1920*1080P Photo resolution (SD card): 7680 4320P Video resolution (SD card): 1920*1080P Frame rate: 20fps Photo format: JPG Video format: MP4


  1. GPS one-button return to take-off point, low power return, no turn signal
  2. (1) GPS smart tracking; (2) Image tracking: identify the subject and automatically follow the flight
  3. Gesture trigger recognition: within 1-3m from the plane, make a camera gesture/camera gesture in front of the camera
  4. Multi-point route planning flight: The aircraft will fly autonomously according to the preset route, and the player will concentrate on shooting
  5. Fixed point environment: Find the center point of the orbit and then move the desired radius of the circle via joystick
  6. Aircraft recovery function: Click the GPS signal icon 3 times in a row to open the map interface, and the map shows the last aircraft distance, longitude and latitude location


  1. The drone has two versions, one is L800 PRO 2 (complimentary 32G card) and the other is L800 (non-complimentary card).
  2. L800 PRO 2 (obstacle avoidance version), L800 (no obstacle avoidance version)

Flagship new standard

[Intelligent functions are more abundant]

360° Laser Obstacle Avoidance Assisted Flight

【Fly as much as you like】
The front, rear, left and right 360 degrees of the drone are equipped with intelligent automatic obstacle avoidance function. When an obstacle is detected during flight, it will automatically avoid obstacles, providing protection for your worry-free flight.

Three-axis gimbal is stable enough

【Can move with your heart】

Three-axis mechanical stabilization gimbal brings more effective anti-shake effect and guarantees image quality at the same time.

Master Lens

【Belong to your travel masterpiece】
During the journey, those short periods of time that linger wherever they go, lost in the wind and sunshine they encounter, are simply too beautiful to be true. Master lens and focus follow, make the picture in the lens like a movie clip, and the memory will be more gorgeous from now on.

Intelligent fIm

【Accompany you to record every journey】
High dynamic range, high resolution, natural color reproduction and light and shadow performance make the night scene under the crystal lens clear and moving.

5G real-time high-defnition image transmission

【Excellent image transmission system】
The high-definition 5G image transmission
technology is amazing.

It integrates multiple sensors and uses multi-core "cores" to control powerful performance!


【Endurance and power are both hard power】
The battery life is about 25 minutes, allowing you to take enough pictures at a time in your favorite place, take the flight, and return to the flight happily.

Using high-density lithium battery, bringing a long battery life experience.

GPS positioning return

【No matter how far you are, you still know how to go home】
The flight position is recorded in real time through GPS, and intelligent return can be realized when necessary.

The wind resistance level is 7, and the power is more abundant. Whether it is a plateau or the seaside, it is easy to fly anywhere.

GPS+Optical Flow Dual Mode.

Accurately realize the hover mode of altitude and position to achieve wind resistance and aerial stability

GPS Follow Surround 2.0

【The protagonist is in the center】
The visual tracking system is supported by Al technology, 360° surround, play new tricks

GPS pointing flight

【Worry and time saving】
The APP map gives accurate pointers, where you want to fly.

Zoom in zoom in

【The whole screen is full of blockbuster texture】
50x sliding zoom, far and near size, all in control,
aerial photography is more free.

Gesture camera video 3.0

【Smart Gesture Interaction】
Through the APP, tap the gesture photo mode, just one gesture to complete the photo.

One-click sharing

【Save worry, save time, save memory】
One-click sharing of shocking blockbusters and wonderful short films.

APP interface analysis

Introduction and Analysis of Remote Control

Technical parameters

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